Monday, January 10, 2011

superfood sorrows

It's Monday today, and we are in the middle of a huge snowstorm. Our town got about 8 inches of snow last night and it has not stopped snowing yet. The schools are closed for the day, and so my hubby and kids got to stay home for a fun snow day while I had to go to work. Snow days and summertime are the only times I wish I were a teacher. You couldn't pay me enough to be on any other time (which is ironic, considering how low teacher pay is, especially in South Dakota).
I finally went outside for a nice, winter run over the weekend. While I was in Boise for Christmas I went out a few times, but haven't been outside in SD since the middle of November. Things started out a little chilly, but it felt GREAT to stride out on a road instead of a treadmill and breathe in that fresh air. I was hoping to get another run in on Sunday, but the snow had other plans. I will most definitely be out there in my Yaktrax once the snow stops falling, though.
Also on Saturday, I went with my good friend, Jayme to sushi (not necessarily "raw" rules, but I love sushi and so decided to splurge) and to a new market, the Pomegranate Market. "The Pom" as they call it, is a new health food store in town, and I have been dying to check it out for awhile. Fortunately, it was right next to the sushi restaurant, so we went in and took a peek. 
The Pom has some great bulk items, like red lentils, as well as just about any kind of rice you can imagine. I also found some superfood powder, which is what I went in there looking for. I have never had it before, but according to the raw food literature, superfoods are a necessary part of the lifestyle. It cost me $30, but I bought a can.
The next day I woke up and made my morning monster, adding the superfood powder, since they recommend adding it to a smoothie.  I poured myself a big glass, took a huge swig...and just about spit it right back out.
Superfood powder tastes like seaweed, only not in a good way. It is horrible. My whole monster tasted like fish, and although I managed to choke most of it down, I had to dump the last bit.  Since I really love my morning monsters, I will not be adding superfood to them again. The label on the package also suggested mixing it with 8 oz of water or juice and drinking it that way, so I decided that I would try mixing it with water and slamming it this morning. It's small, and I can just knock it back really quick, right?
I nearly vomited up the 8 oz. of green nastiness.  I am not sure what to do now. Tomorrow I will try it with juice, but if I can't stand that, then I will have wasted $30 on a product that I can't possibly consume.

Have you ever tried superfood powder? How do you manage to get it down?

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