Wednesday, January 5, 2011

kale, kleansing kale

Well, apparently Demi Moore and I are very much alike (of course).  At the very same time I was having doubts/concerns about going on the Master Cleanse, Demi was four days into it and decided it was not the healthiest thing to be doing. She instead switched to something called the Clean Program, a series of smoothies and supplements that is supposed to detox your body and leave you feeling incredible. That particular cleanse lasts for 21 days, and is available at the low price of $350.  I read a little about it, and while it does sound good, I am sticking with my raw foods diet. I am having great results from it, and I have finally gotten over feeling nauseous (no small victory, there).

I am having a good time experimenting with all kinds of different "green" smoothie options, and have found that kale is a very cleansing ingredient to add to a drink. Since I live in a small town in the Midwest, we don't have access to the greatest variety of vegetables, but this weekend I am planning a trip to the city to shop at a new whole foods supermarket called the Pomegranate Market. I am excited to see what goodies I can find there.  They also offer free demos and classes on alternative eating lifestyles, and on January 22nd I am going to a smoothie demonstration, which I am pretty psyched about. Hopefully I will be armed with all kinds of new recipes for healthy living!

My knee and hip have been bothering me lately, so today was a rest day for me. Tomorrow I hope to do some yoga in the morning and the elliptical at lunch. I am taking it easy for January, and might not run at all. I am debating a couple of different marathons for the Spring, which I will need to start training for in February.

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