Sunday, January 2, 2011

day one: great preparations

Well, day one is done and I am a little discouraged, especially since the official cleanse hasn't even started yet! These next three days are all about getting my body ready to handle no food, so today's goal was to eat only "living foods." That means no dairy, no meat, basically only fruits and veggies. Five minutes into my morning today...I already blew it by making coffee.  Not only did I make coffee, but I drank two huge cups and enjoyed every minute of it.  Once I finished, I felt a little guilty, but my love affair with coffee runs deep and it will be a real challenge to not have any coffee for the next two weeks. I ate fruit salad, so that was a small victory, since I am used to pancakes.
The rest of the day was fairly disciplined, although I did slip up at Olive Garden and had the salad with the dressing. I didn't have any croutons or breadsticks (my goodness, that was tough), but I think that the dressing is technically a no-no. I had minestrone soup and ate around the pasta, and an acai berry drink along with the salad. Dinner consisted of a spinach/berry/banana smoothie (juice-based because dairy is a no-no), and I had to break down and eat a few handfulls of walnuts. I don't know where nuts fall into the "living foods" category, but they do grow on a tree, so they should totally count. At any rate...I am absolutely STARVING tonight, and will have less food to look forward to tomorrow (and no coffee, since I had my hubby hide my coffee maker and coffee from me so I won't slip up).
This part of the cleanse is the pre-cleanse. According to what I have read, this part is not necessary, although I have to say I completely disagree.  As hungry as I am today while still eating food is a clear indication that I have been overindulging on too many carbs and junk food and too little veggies and fruits. There is no way that I would have been able to go from my current diet to no food without a few days of agony. I still don't think they will be easy, but these few preparatory days will help make it less horrible (with any luck).
Tomorrow is smoothie day, so everything I have will be in liquid-ish form. I need to be careful not to have too many fruits, with a goal of a 60/40 ratio of veggies to fruits. Fortunately, I am an avid smoothie maker, so am quite fond of green drinks. The veggies should be no problem for me. The "no coffee" part will completely suck. I have some herbal tea that I can drink tomorrow morning to try to replace coffee, but it will not be an adequate substitute. I am just telling myself that it is short term, and I will be very glad when I have all the yucky stuff out.

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