Friday, October 29, 2010

it's my anniversary

Today my hubby and I have been married for five years. It's truly flown by, and when I think about how long we have actually been together, it literally blows my mind.  I can honestly say that we are in a better place now than when we first got married. Although it was fun being newlyweds, we were still learning how to exist in the same space together. I remember being horribly offended or hurt by things that Justin said or did or didn't say or didn't do, and he didn't know he was even doing stuff wrong!  Then we started having kids and life took a turn for the busy. Suddenly we were so immersed in bottles and diapers and late nights and naptime that we forgot about each other. I don't know if I looked my husband in the eye for two years. Seriously. We were not working on our marriage. We were just "existing" with each other, living life taking shifts with the kids.
Now that we are out of baby mode forever (promise), we have started taking time to get to know each other again. We have been going out on dates. We have been staying up and watching movies together after the kids are in bed. We have been looking each other in the eyes again. This time, though, we know each other much more than we used to. And that kind of comfort is fantastic.
We are going out of town for the weekend to celebrate. No kids. I am sure the first few hours will be weird (what do you talk about if it isn't about your kids?), but we will quickly remember why we liked hanging out in the first place and have a great time.
No exercise this weekend...just fun. I'll catch up next week!

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