Thursday, November 4, 2010

oh, technology

Since running the Nike marathon I have been plagued with an incredibly disturbing nikeplus sensor.  If you remember, I am a dedicated nikeplus user (actually a dedicated nike anything user...I love their stuff), and one enormous perk of being a nikeplus user for this race was that we would be entered into a drawing for free admittance to next year's nike marathon if we uploaded our race within a certain period of time. I wore my nike sportband for the race instead of my ipod.  It was, by far, the longest I have ever run without music, and I was feeling awesome about the sportsband and how it allowed me to go "wire free" for such a long time.

Until I tried to upload my (26.2 mile) run.

Apparently the geniuses at nike decided to run a firmware update right around the time the marathon finished, and so my run (and a bunch of other people's runs) disappeared into cyberspace, never to be heard from again. It is beyond frustrating. First of all, I really like to see those miles graphed out on paper once I have run them. That is where I reflect on where I was struggling the most and when I was the fastest. I use that information on future runs in the hopes of getting better (and qualifying for my mistress-bitch race, Boston). Secondly, I need tangible evidence that I completed those miles. I just do. It's how I'm wired. I know I ran them. I want proof, though. It motivates me.

So now I am stuck with a ton fewer miles on my profile than I actually ran, and I don't get to be entered into the drawing for next year's race. 

I'm gonna need to see something pretty phenomenal from you in the future, nike...this was a big slip-up.

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