Tuesday, July 20, 2010

detox time

I am down to my last week before I officially start training for Nike.  For this week I am just continuing to build my miles, incorporate a sprint workout (which I totally HATE but know will be good for me), and watch what I eat. I'm off the fast food, the potato chips, the cocktails (well, not totally off the cocktails...but I have cut down quite a bit), and am really focusing on consuming the right kinds of foods. I already remember from the last marathon that this can be tricky, since I am a pretty busy person and good food is usually not fast. I plan to combat this by preparing meals in advance (at least always have a whole grain carb of some sort on hand) so that I can simply reheat if time gets tight.
One more thing that I am adding to this training schedule is two days of weights. I did not do any weight training last time, and I think that is ultimately what led to my fatigue during the last marathon (well, that, and the fact that I was at about mile 22 of my 26.2).  In fact, I am having my FitCamp instructor put together a strength schedule for me to do twice a week.  I know me. I will not do any weights if I don't have a schedule to follow. I just don't love them. Maybe after I have been lifting for a bit I will start to.  For now, though, this is much easier for me, and I will do it.
The last time I ran in 3:48.  This time I will finish at 3:30 or below.
I'm almost finished with my ultramarathon book. It is incredible. Makes me want to run all the time. It's probably just what I needed before starting my training. I'm getting pretty motivated.

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