Thursday, July 8, 2010

conversations with Paula Radcliffe and Tiger Woods

...Well, not really. Yesterday I logged 5 miles, the longest distance I have run since completing my marathon. I am trying to get geared back up to start training for the Nike marathon, and so I am slowly increasing my mileage over the next few weeks. Since I haven't been running in forever, and the runs I have done were without my nikeplus and ipod, I haven't logged anything for over a month. I think nikeplus missed me, because after my run, Tiger Woods congratulated me on completing another 250 miles. Then, when I plugged my ipod in, Paula Radcliffe came on to congratulate me for running 500 miles on my nikeplus so far.

I think that is a very cool thing, and very smart of Nike to motivate runners that way. As you may recall, a lot of my runs during my marathon training did not synch, so I wonder how many miles I have actually run?  For a while I tried to keep track on, but it just got to be too much work logging everything all the time. That is why I love the nikeplus. When it works (about 75% of the time), it logs all my runs and keeps track of my mileage for me. It's one less thing I have to do, and I like that.

All that being said, there are a few things I would enhance to improve the functionality. For example, after my 26.2 I really wanted to look back over the miles and see what my pace was for each mile. I was unable to really break things down, though, since all nikeplus shows you is what your pace was at the time you crossed each mile, and if your pace changed. It doesn't give a split time at all, and that is what I was really looking for.
Also, it would be cool if nikeplus could take the data from my runs and allow me to create customized training plans that incorporate pace in there.

Saturday I have a race, and I can't decide whether to do the 5k or 10k. I know I need the miles; but it would be fun to get one last fast race under my belt before I start back to so much distance. 

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