Thursday, June 3, 2010

a no-fuss fit camp

From time to time I like to sign up for boot camps. Although I don't love to do them all year round, I find that they are usually a great way for me to jump-start myself into better fitness routines. For example, my last  boot camp was in January, just at the time of year when I usually go dormant. Not only did it keep me fit through the unbearably cold Midwest winter months...I was motivated enough to stay afterwards and log miles on the track, or even brave the cold and run outside. Because of boot camp, I kept my fitness level up enough to run a Spring marathon; not an easy feat if you live smack in the middle of the plains.

Usually the instructor for our classes is Barb, and she is great. Don't get me wrong....Barb will kick your butt; but she is a really gentle soul, and so getting together is fun, and it feels like we are all "in it together," as she works out right along side of us. Alas, Barb has had some back problems, and so the summer Fitcamp is being taught by someone new.

Since the class starts Monday, we received an email from our new coach introducing himself and giving some details of the class.  I saw the email come in, read it, and started trembling.  I think this is going to be a serious fit camp.  First of all, the guy is a former college football player...his assistant is a former college basketball player, and both are certified personal trainers.  Please see below for a small excerpt of the email that I received this morning:

This is a very intense class, in order to get everything done in the time and space we have, I would appreciate it if you pushed yourself as hard as you can through sprints, ladders, running, plyometrics, and any other stations that will enhance your fitness level! We do not know how much weight you are capable of lifting or your endurance when it comes to running, but challenge yourselves to get better each week! One last reminder, the class does start at 6:00am at Barstow Park, unless rain or lightening, we will be in the Dome. We would appreciate it if you show up 5 minutes early rather than right at 6:00 am that way you are not taking time away from others who want to be dedicated to their workout.

Yep...this guy is no joke. I'm a little scared about showing up on Monday, and am half tempted to email him and remind him that his participants are all women in their 30's and 40's with children!  Somehow, though, I don't think he would care. 

I better look great at the pool after this, that's all I have to say. Bring it boy.  Bring it on.

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