Thursday, April 29, 2010

oh, the places i go...

If you are a runner, then I am sure you have occasionally found yourself in the unfortunate predicament of experiencing a bathroom emergency on your run.  I have often thought about how this would make a Seinfeldian, Kramer-esque coffee-table book. Remember how he made the coffee table book about coffee tables? I'd like to make one dedicated to all the bathrooms I have visited while running.

Just this morning I had to duck into the Emergency Room at the hospital, for a very personal type of emergency.  The nurse at the desk looked at me like I was insane. I can't believe they didn't keep me.  Here I was, running through the ER doors at 6am, sweaty and rocking mis-matched running gear and an ipod, looking for the loo.  But I had to go. And this was the only place open at this hour. What would you have done?

Last Saturday for our 20 miler I had the same thing happen.  Around mile 11 I had to go potty, and the only place was this little, teensy, tiny cafe in the middle of nowhere that farmers and other crusty, old men go to discuss politics.  When I walked in, it was like those old movies where the record skips when someone new walks in.  There they were, all staring at me like I was on fire, and I had to ask where the bathroom was.  Good times. 

One nice thing about racing is that there are tons of port-o-potties, so if the urge hits, there is a place to go. 

Have you had to go potty in a crazy place before?

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