Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In an attempt to be healthier and make better choices, I have been trying to watch the types of liquids I consume.  I drink a ridiculous amount of water in a day, and really try to stay away from soda altogether. I do enjoy my wine and beer, but since starting my marathon training I find that I hardly drink at all.  It's just not worth it!

Sometimes it is difficult to make the healthy choices, though, like when I am traveling.  This past weekend we went out of town for Easter, and as we were heading out, we stopped by the grocery store for some snacks and drinks to tide us over.  Of course, my husband chose Mountain Dew.  I detest Mountain Dew, even on my unhealthiest day, but normally I would have gotten some sort of soda to drink.  Because of my newfound desire to stay healthy, I decided to try something new.

Here is a picture of what I chose.  Cellnique.  Notice that I am riding in the car? Proof that we were, indeed, traveling.  I don't know why you wouldn't believe me...but at any rate, here is my proof.  And it is always good to have proof and documentation, my lawyer friends always say.

 Cellnique is a drink that is designed to detoxify the system.  It is 95% organic, and is meant to take all the yucky stuff out of your body and replace it with good stuff that makes you feel and look better.  With a description like that, how can you not try it?

Before I took a drink, I decided to read the ingredient list, as well as try to see what the stuff looked like.  There is a colorful plastic cover on the bottle that prevents people from seeing the whole drink, but a look at the bottom showed lots of sediment.  Fortunately, I also saw the directions that read: shake well.  The ingredients listed things like blue/green algae, spirulina algae, wheat grass juice, oat juice, and other similar products.  As I read the list to my husband he cringed, in total disbelief that I would buy something with those ingredients on purpose.  Again...he chose Mountain Dew.

I cracked the top and took a drink....and it was chewy.  Not horrible chewy, but grainy, like the sediment that I shook up didn't dissolve, but merely started floating around the liquid.  Althought I tried the Berry-Grape flavor, the liquid was green in color, and reminded me a lot of the chlorophyll shooters that I used to drink in my twenties (not like berries or grapes at all).  Still, I kind of liked the taste...very natural and earthy, and despite all the sediment, it did refresh me somewhat.  I probably won't drink them all the time, but I will maybe grab one now and then for a healthy bevarage alternative.

My husband's curiosity got the best of him and he also tried it.  He is not a fan of earthy-tasting, chewy drinks, and will not be trying them again.  His loss!

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