Thursday, September 9, 2010

and the Mom of the Year Award goes to....

Definitely not me.  I am both ashamed and embarassed to admit this, but I forgot my son at preschool today. I wasn't just five minutes late...I was 25 minutes late, and only remembered after the teacher called and asked if I was going to pick him up.  Wow. Yikes. No good.

Have you ever had so much going on that you cannot possibly take on one more thing? I am most definitely in that boat right now. My workload is insane, my training is getting intense, and my family is always...well, they're my family. They need me.  Up to this point I have been handling it all, but I think preschool is the proverbial straw for me.  I literally cannot possibly handle picking him up.  My brain won't allow me to retain the fact that I have to pick him up in the mornings. It is terrible. So today I am calling the bus, and my little guy can ride the bus with his buddies from his preschool to daycare, and I will be a hero to him.  I will still feel horrible and guilty, but that's part of being a mom.

Half marathon race this weekend. I am not looking forward to it at all. In fact, I am trying to figure out how I can possibly find the time to run in it. I can't even seem to figure out how to pick my packet up.  Grr.  I will get it worked out.

Hopefully next week I will find time to sit down and recap the race.

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