Wednesday, August 11, 2010

too rich for my blood

Saturday I met the Sioux Falls running club for a ten mile run through the extremely hilly streets of SF. I have never run with them before, and so I emailed to ask what the pace was, at which time I was told that I would fit right in with my pace and they would love to have me.
That guy lied.
I get out of my car at 6am and see a bunch of men and two women. Normally men don't intimidate me, as I have passed many a man in races, but these guys looked pretty fit. What really got me, though, is the ladies. You could bounce a quarter off of any part of these gals. Goodness. So I introduce myself and ask what their pace was, to which I really didn't get a reply. I told them I run about 8:15-8:45, and they said maybe they started out at that pace but were probably a bit faster.
That lady lied.
Since we all realized that I would most likely be dusted, one of the ladies told me what the route was, which was probably the smartest thing to do, since I would have gotten horribly lost and turned around and sad. We all took off together, running a half mile uphill to get things going. I hung for the first mile but it was challenging, and then when I checked the pace and learned that we were running like 7:14 per mile, I decided it was best for me to back off.
Seriously. Those guys (and gals) are fast. Ridiculous fast. Ludicrous speed fast. To sustain a ten mile run at a 7 minute or less pace is insane. I wonder if I can ever get that fast? The route was fabulously challenging. I never realized how hilly Sioux Falls is. It is a great run for my nike training, and so I will definitely be going back to run behind the SF running club again soon.
Have you ever tried running with a new running group?

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