Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skinny jean heaven

I am FINALLY  back to my training plan! Last week was such a horrible week for me work-wise, and I was full of anxiety about not running as much as I need to for Nike. This week, though, I am back in the saddle, and my morning runs have felt fantastic! The weather is even cooling off in the mornings,  so I am not fighting with the bugs and humidity like before. It just makes the rest of my day that much better.

I have also noticed that I can run faster when the humidity is lower. I feel like I run much more efficiently and breathe better, and I hardly feel my allergies. I am starting to feel optimistic about Nike, since it is in October and it will be cooler. Maybe I have a shot at rocking the Boston qualifying time, after all.

I received a pair of "it" skinny jeans as a gift this weekend. Have you tried "it" brand jeans? I absolutely LOVE them, since they have a higher rise but look very chic.  I hadn't tried the skinnies yet, so when I received them, naturally I was excited. You need a pair of these jeans. These things fit like a glove, they don't slouch (too much), and they keep their shape. I felt fantastic in them all day, and I literally want to wear them every day. They also have a fun zipper detail on the sides, reminiscent of the Guess jeans I had when I was a kid (dating myself, I know).  I also have a pair of 1927 skinny jeans, and while I love those, too...the "it" jeans take the cake. 

This weekend I am running an 18 miler, and I am considering heading back to Sioux Falls for that one again. The hills there are just so perfect for Nike training, and the last time I ran the miles just flew by.  Are you getting ready for any races this fall?

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