Friday, August 13, 2010

knocking out a 5k

This weekend I am running a 5k race. I usually run my long runs on Saturdays, but I moved it to Sunday. The race I am running is a local race and fundraiser for the 4-H club. I am mostly running because the organizer is also the daycare provider for my kids, and I guess I just love giving her money. 
Actually, it is for a very good cause, and it will be fun to try to run a short race, since I have been focusing on so much distance lately. I am really going to try to run hard the whole time and finish somewhere in the 22 minute time again. The race is at 9am, though, which is pretty late in the morning. We have had some hot and humid weather lately, so I am anticipating that the race tomorrow will be steamy. That can slow my time down quite a bit. There is also a pretty tough hill on the course, so that will certainly be a factor, as well.
My husband won tickets to a Lifehouse concert tonight, so we are going on a date. It should be fun. At our wedding we played a Lifehouse song for our dance. Hubby likes the band much more than I do, but it will be great to spend the time together. The concert ends late, so that could also affect my performance tomorrow.
In fact, as I type this, it occurs to me that maybe running all out tomorrow is not a wise move. Maybe I will just push myself comfortably out of my comfort level, but not give it my all.  I bet it will make for a much better post-race feeling.

What are you doing for the weekend?

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  1. Hope you did fabulous with your 5k! I really want to run one again soon!