Monday, May 24, 2010

back in the saddle

I finally was able to run for the first time since the marathon on Sunday...and it felt great. Scary awesome. I even had the jogging stroller and my two year old (about 70 pounds altogether) with me, and it still felt great.  Thank goodness.  My knees were very wobbly all last week, and I was afraid I had an injury or something.  It turns out, running a marathon is just hard on your body. Plain and simple.  Who knew?

I am still going to take the next couple of months and do more cross-training.  Saturday I did my yoga again. I have really missed that, and am going to really try to get back into it. Next week I start a boot camp that runs three mornings a week. There is something so wonderful about having to just "show up" and that is it. Somebody tells me what to do, and I do it.  I don't have to rely on myself to push it. Someone is yelling at me, and all I have to do is sweat.  Right on.  I guess that is why personal trainers are so fabulous.  I get it. 

I still don't have any kettlebells, but I am getting closer to making the purchase.  There is no real reason that I haven't gotten them yet, other than I just haven't had the time.  Stay tuned, though...they're as good as purchased!

This Sunday my family all went to watch a minor league baseball game. It was crazy hot outside. I think our section was seated just left of the surface of the sun.  Seriously...people were sweating so much that the backs of their shorts/pants/skirts were soaking wet (mine included). What a great look.  Good thing it was universal.  We decided to buy snowcones at the park to cool us off, and they were tasty. Have you had a snowcone recently? I highly recommend them. Very refreshing. My kids all loved the game, and it was a great way to spend some time together. Now that summer is upon us, we will be looking for more ways to spend time as a family.

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