Wednesday, March 31, 2010

some slim postings...

Does everything always seem to happen at once for anyone else out there, or is it just me?  Let me give you a quick run-down of the events that have transpired over the last 5 days.
First, my youngest turned 2. That is a wonderful thing, except that he needs to have a birthday party, and since I am such a perfectionist (see blog description) this was a lot of work for me.
Second, we have lost one staff member at work, and with a workforce of 3, losing one means a 33% reduction in labor.
Finally, the combination of work, school, three kids and a husband, and marathon training got the best of me.  Saturday I ran 16 miles. Sunday I cross-trained and weight lifted for 2 hours. Monday I was unable to get out of bed, and my entire body was in an incredible amount of pain.  I felt like my bones were hurting.  I slept for almost 24 hours straight, and am just now getting back to my normal self.  Training for this marathon has been an enormous commitment, both time-wise and energy-wise.  I don't know good it is for my body to come in from a 16 mile run and have to hold my 2 year old all day or chase after my 3 year old.  I'm not sure how to combat this because my kids will need their Mommy.  I have come too far in my training to turn back now.  I have decided to take the next few days off (which is horribly difficult when you are used to running so many miles in a week) and get back into training on Saturday.  That way my body can have a chance to rest and recover, and I can start feeling fresh.  I will also make myself eat more.  I eat all day as it is, but more...somehow.


  1. Wow Evie! You are completely intense. I have just gotten into running and am really struggling with it. I am trying to lose weight for my wedding and things just aren't going so well. You run a crazy amount of miles... but that's great for you!

    xo happy easter

  2. It is really hard to start running. I certainly don't envy you, there! Stick with it, and you will just love it one day, promise.
    BTW..I am looking forward to my days being a little "less" intense!