Thursday, February 25, 2010

total drama hairdo

So...I am a rooty, dry-haired mess these days. I have not been to the salon for several months, and it definitely shows. Part of the reason for this is that my salon, the Agape Salon in Sioux Falls, is 60 miles away from where I live. The second part is that my stylist, Liz, is always booked. It is totally worth it, though. The salon is fabulous, and Liz is the best. I have never had better haircuts or color in my life. I have even had other stylists remark about Liz's skilled hands. Once, after months of missing the hairdresser (seeing a theme, here? I do this regularly), I couldn't stand myself another day and decided to just go somewhere else. The stylist who was cutting my hair kept telling me that my cut was a really good cut, and this was after months of just letting it grow! Wow. Needless to say, I was not happy with my results at that place, and so made an appointment to see Liz ASAP to fix it. I'm tentatively scheduled for early I hope it works out. I'm guessing everybody who has to look at me these days does, too.

I always obsess about possible hairstyles right before I get it cut. I seem to really love either really long hair or really short hair, although I have never actually had either of those. Every time I see one of those Olsen twins, my heart just aches for their hair. They have really perfected the long, wavy, semi-dirty look that I just love. I really think that this hair would go with just about everything I own. However, they are a good decade younger than I am, so I always wonder if this hair is just too young for me? Can women in their mid-thirties rock some long, grungy waves? I just don't know.
The other hairstyle I always go for is the Sienna Miller short cut. I should take this moment to let you know that I am a blonde, and so I am kind of drawn to the blonde styles. Every time I have taken a photo of a brunette with a cute cut into the hairdresser, they always give me a huge speech about how texture and color make a difference, and my hair won't look anything like the picture if we cut it like that. Blah, blah, blah. As much as I don't want to hear that, the hairdressers have been right every time. save myself the heartache, I just look at blondes. At any rate...people have told me that I kind of resemble Sienna Miller (they were always drunk when they said this), and so I can really see this type of style on me, as well. The problem with really short hair is that when I get up in the mornings to run or go to boot camp, my short hair will be sticking straight up in the air. Long hair is nice, because you can always rock a pony or a braid if your tresses look terrible. With short hair...not so much. You really can't even hide under a hat. How many times have you seen a woman with short hair look great in a ball cap? Never? That's because it doesn't happen.
I think the main reason I haven't ever had really long or short hair is simply because I lack the conviction. It takes work and patience (and regular salon visits) to grow hair long and have it look great. My hair will grow to shoulder length and stop growing...and then I just get sick of it and lop it off. But not too short, because it takes effort (and regular salon visits) to keep short hair looking great. Plus, if it looks terrible...I'm just stuck looking ridiculous for at least 6 weeks.
I have until early March to decide. Until apologies to everyone who has to look at me regularly, and I will try to wear a hat.

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